An independent school and nursery in Danbury, Chelmsford, Essex for boys and girls aged 2-11

Heathcote Preparatory School & Nursery

Eves Corner, Danbury

Essex CM3 4QB

Heathcote Preparatory School & Nursery

Eves Corner, Danbury

Essex CM3 4QB

07:20 - 19:00

Monday to Friday

01245 223131


“I must say how impressed I have been with the school’s response to the coronavirus crisis and in particular the agility with which the remote learning was implemented, achieved no doubt with unprecedented commitment from everyone.  I would also like to congratulate Mrs Scott and all the teaching staff for their skills, understanding, adaptability, and commitment.”

Year 2 Parent

“I would really like to congratulate all the staff and children on such a beautiful nativity play today! A very special thank you to all the staff members who made it such a memorable play, not only for the parents but also for all the children involved.  I felt an immense sense of pride watching Maya W absolutely shine on that stage and she did not care that there was a room full of people watching her. I was both laughing and crying all at the same time at my little girl, who I thought would be quite overwhelmed by the whole thing. Thank you once again for all you and the staff do for our children. Heathcote truly is a very school.  I have a very warm heart tonight!”

Nursery Parent

“As parents of children at Heathcote, we wanted to highlight the massive impact that the extra-curricular opportunities offered here have had upon our daughter. Whether you see her compete first hand or simply watch the video footage, it is hard to believe that this is the same young girl who, when starting at Heathcote nursery aged 3 1/2 years, would  turn around and face the wall rather than speak to lots of other children because she was so shy. It’s an amazing transformation, for which we are very grateful.”

Year 5 Parent

We chose Heathcote, partly because of the small class sizes, but we also like the friendly, warm and caring nature of the school. I love that all the children are encouraged to have a go at everything – there is no favouritism or picking the same children for everything – every child is treated as special and as an individual. 

Year 3 Parent

“Having been bringing our children to Heathcote for the last 15 years I cannot fault it, both academically and also the emotional support that the staff have given our family. “

Year 6 Parent

“Heathcote is so friendly and welcoming. The Nursery staff have gone above and beyond helping our little girl to settle in. We know she is very well cared for.”

Nursery Parent

“Our children look forward to school and nursery every day. The small class sizes mean they get one to one attention every day and this reflects the strength of their learning. All of the children are friendly, polite and caring, an ethic which is clear to see throughout the school. As parents we feel involved and well-communicated to. We are very glad we chose Heathcote School to give our children the best possible start with their education.”

Nursery and Year 2 Parent

“Friendly and inclusive, Heathcote is and has been very beneficial to our twins. Both of them always look forward to going to school.”

Year 4 Parent