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Careers Week 2024: Inspiring the next generation

Following the success of last year’s “Careers Week” at Heathcote, we’re delighted to be hosting an even greater programme for 2024. Our goal is to demonstrate the wide range of career goals available to our pupils and hear from inspirational guests that have excelled in their chosen fields. It’s a chance to understand what the grown-ups actually do when they go “to work”, and inspire the children to #ReachTheSky when they start thinking about their own future careers

This year we’re welcoming representatives from a broad range of careers, from surgeons to hair stylists, from nurses to army majors, from authors to software engineers. Even a professional cyclist!

Below are some highlights from throughout the week:

Day 1 (Monday)

On Day 1 we welcomed a range of exciting guests, including a multi-award winning novelist: Hannah Lynn, an A&E air ambulance trauma surgeon, an engineer with Formula 1, (not one but two!) pest control experts, a railway consultant and an agricultural machinery plant director!

Day 2 (Tuesday)

Day 2 included the “Little City” role play workshop for our Preprep pupils, plus a series of excellent talks and presentations including from a nurse practitioner, a lecturer in law, an insurance manager and an army major!

Day 3 (Wednesday)

We had an incredible lineup of professionals for Day 3, each sharing their unique career journeys and insights. We had visits from a talented hair stylist and a professional racing cyclist who pedalled in with tales of dedication, resilience, and the thrill of the race! We also had captivating sessions with the Head of Engineering Excellence at a leading investment bank and a psychology lecturer.

Day 4 (Thursday)

For our final day, our chiropractor guest shared insights into the world of holistic healthcare and the importance of spinal health, our microbiologist delved into the fascinating realm of bacteria and viruses, and our two councilors shed light on the crucial role of local government in shaping communities. We had a famous actor visit us too!

Thanks to everyone that took time to share their career journeys with our children this week. You’re inspiring next generation to #ReachTheSky!

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