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Heathcote celebrates outstanding inspection report

The Independent Schools Inspectorate (ISI) visited Heathcote School in November 2023 and has just published details of its inspection. We are thrilled to share their report with you today, which highly praises all aspects of our school.

A quick word on how the assessment works. Heathcote was one of the first schools to be inspected under the new ISI Framework, which was introduced in September last year. The new approach is designed to simplify and improve the consistency of reporting, and has a stronger focus on areas such as pupil wellbeing. However, unlike the earlier system, it does not award schools overall attainment scores such as “Good” or “Excellent” (we were rated “Excellent” under the last system).

Instead, the new Framework assesses whether a school meets the required standards across five key areas:

  • Leadership, management and governance
  • Education, training and recreation
  • Pupil physical and mental health, and emotional well-being
  • Pupil social and economic wellbeing, and contribution to society
  • Safeguarding

We are delighted to say that Heathcote passed with flying colours in all these areas. The full report can be accessed here and we hope you agree it paints a fabulous view of our school and its pupils. Below are a few highlights from the report relating to each of the five assessment areas:

Leadership, management and governance

Leaders ensure that the school reflects its aim that every pupil should be encouraged to recognise their own self-worth, building character, confidence and compassion. Proprietors, leaders and managers prioritise pupils’ self-esteem and welfare when making decisions about the school’s provision. Pupils readily demonstrate these qualities in all areas of their school life.

Education, training and recreation

[Pupils] acquire new skills and knowledge within a highly positive working environment, which is characterised by productive relationships between pupils and their teachers. The range of subjects taught ensures pupils have many opportunities to gain knowledge and develop skills. Almost all leavers progress to a place at their preferred choice of senior school.

Physical and mental health, and emotional well-being

Pupils develop mature levels of self-awareness and self-esteem. They enjoy each other’s company and work together well. The school has clear policies and protocols for dealing with incidents of inappropriate behaviour. Bullying is rare and the playground is a happy and harmonious place.

Social and economic wellbeing, and contribution to society

Older pupils play a helpful and active role in their school community. They clearly value their responsibilities and take a real pride in how they support the achievements of the younger children in the school. Leaders utilise the school council and other mechanisms to hear the voice of the pupils and effectively encourage them to appreciate democracy and influence the development of the school.


There is a strong culture of safeguarding in the school. Leaders ensure that robust systems are in place for responding to, reporting and tracking any concerns about pupils’ welfare. Staff and proprietors take part in regular safeguarding training.

Samantha Scott, Headteacher, Heathcote School: “We are thrilled to have received this fantastic inspection report following the new ISI Framework. The inspection team commented favourably on Heathcote’s ability to focus on the individual to get the very best from every child. We are proud that 80% of our pupils attain above average, 92% of our EYFS achieve the expected level of development (compared to 63% nationally) and that 100% are offered places to prestigious independent secondaries. Impressive for any inspection team! This report recognises every member of the Heathcote community’s diligence and determination to strive for excellence.”

More detail can be found in the report and we encourage you to read it. Thank you to all staff and pupils for showcasing our excellent school at its very best during the inspection week.

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