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Barnardo’s Young Supporters Concert at the Royal Albert Hall

Lilia, Year 6

I was so excited and thrilled to be going to the Royal Albert Hall in London, because I have heard such amazing and tremendous things about it. Forms 4, 5 and 6 were going to attend and sing at the Barnardos Young Supporters Concert on the 1st November, 2017 along with other children from different schools.

It was a lovely sunny day and we arrived at the Royal Albert Hall by coach at about 10.30 a.m with Mrs Barber, Mr Daniels and Mrs Maingot.  We deposited our bags and proceeded to where we were to be seated in the Hall.  We sat down and listened to the wonderful sounds of the organ played by Mr Trevor Hughes.  He was absolutely amazing.

We then had our lunch over in the park which was so beautiful whilst watching people on roller blades playing hockey.  They were very entertaining.

When lunch was over we went back to the Hall for further rehearsals.  I must admit the harmonies sounded so spectacular.  We sat down for our dinner over the park in the semi darkness which was awesome.

We then went back to the Hall where all the parents and families were starting to arrive for the concert.  We were then ushered into our seating area where we were to stay for the rest of the night to sing in the concert.  The concert was introduced by a lady called Tanya Holt and the concert then began.  The conductor of the concert was Mr Douglas Coombes.

We had numerous songs to sing and also there were some performing arts, one was the Adele Stitch School of Dance and the other was the Pineapple Performing Arts.  They were all extremely talented.  Also performing a song on their own were the Hereford Cathedral Choir who sang so beautifully.

It was such an amazing atmosphere I did not want it to end.  We all sang our hearts out and enjoyed every single minute of performing in the Royal Albert Hall.

After the concert had finished we all went back onto the coach and prepared for our journey home, having had a most memorable and enjoyable day.

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